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English for You! is a safe and easy way for you to learn the language and improve your English communication and writing skills. You can learn General English and Business English with a professional and can discuss all kinds of topics which interests you.

English for You! was created in 2019 with the objective to improve learners’ speaking and writing skills and for them to be able to achieve their goals. The philosophy behind this enterprise is to create a safe and friendly learning environment and have a trusted, helpful trainer on their side.

The following is a reference letter from one of my trusted partners, The Language Partnership:

What People Say

As for my language skills, it was a very good decision to turn to an English private tutor. Lessons are customized specifically for my own language requirements and at my speed. I can ask for as much error correction, explanations and feedback as I want . We take various materials or learning styles which we consider most useful. I have total personal attention from my teacher in order to enhance my language skills. We have one and half hours a week to deal with English and I always enjoy every minute of our lesson. It’s a great feeling to experience my development from the beginning of the cooperation.


I was always afraid to speak English with my colleagues but after having lessons and getting used to speaking, I felt more confident and speaking English is not a problem any more.

I’d like to keep learning and improving because there is always more to achieve. I think learning with a private teacher is my best option.


I can only recommend English for You! I feel relaxed and confident now that I can communicate and I don’t feel scared when I need to go for an interview or participate in a meeting in English.

If you need to use English in your job or you are about to have a job interview in English, it’s a good idea to have a trainer to practise with.


Let’s begin today.