Lessons and training sessions are now available online or face-to-face in Luxembourg City or near Arlon, Belgium. Choose what best suits your schedule.

If you don’t have much time and you’re always on the run, we could use the fantastic tools of modern technology like Messenger, Skype, Teams, Zoom or Webex. Name the app you prefer and we can ‘meet’ online. This way you save the time and energy it would require to travel. If you’re the kind of person who loves sitting in front of your laptop or computer, why not try to improve your English speaking or writing skills online?

Learning online

Yes, I know that first it can be a bit strange but it’s easy to get used to it and it is convenient since there is no travelling to a location. You save time and energy which these days is an important aspect. Try it, you might just like it. I’ll do my best to make it easy for you.

Ready to start? Grab your laptop and let’s go! 🙂